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stammer n : a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds [syn: stutter] v : speak haltingly; "The speaker faltered when he saw his opponent enter the room" [syn: bumble, stutter, falter]

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  1. To keep repeating a particular sound involuntarily.


to stutter



  1. The involuntary repetition of a sound in speech.


involuntary repetition

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Stammer may refer to stuttering or:

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balbuties, be guilty, blush, change color, color, color up, crimson, dysphemia, falter, faltering, flush, gibber, halt, hammer, haw, hem, hem and haw, hesitate, hesitation, hum, hum and haw, jabber, look guilty, lurch, mammer, mantle, palilalia, pause, redden, splutter, sputter, squirm with self-consciousness, stagger, stammering, stumble, stutter, stuttering, topple, totter, traulism, turn red, wobble
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